Olive, Thyme & Bergamot - Herbal Scent 

Perfect scent for: Kitchen

 Imagine yourself strolling through the Greek Countryside as you smell the aromas of fresh thyme, Olive & Bergamot in this stunning herbal scent. 


 Bergamot, Jasmine & Musk - Musky feminine Scent

Perfect scent for: Living room

Fresh yet spicy bergamot, coupled with the feminine sweetness & masculine wildness of Jasmine. This scent is sure to make an impression in any room in your home.


Black Amber & Lavender - Musk Scent - phthalate free

Perfect scent for: Living room / Open Plan Living /Bedroom

Bringing a sense of serenity to your home with this rich oriental fragrance that starts with citrus top notes, leads to a heart of rich lavender, and ends with tonka bean, vanilla, precious wood and amber.


Neroli Bloom  - Floral Scent - phthalate free

Perfect scent for: Living room/ Open plan living

This sophisticated floral oriental scent is infused with fruity green notes of plum, neroli, star anise, and cardamom over a sensual blend of jasmine, muguet, rose, orange blossom, cashmere, and ylang resting on a powdery amber and musk base


Wild Lemongrass - Fresh/Citrus scent

Perfect scent for: Kitchen

With a refreshing citrus blend beginning with fresh eucalyptus notes, the scent follows through with a lemongrass heart balanced with floral notes of rose, all stabilized by a vanilla and musk base.


Cocoa Butter Vanilla - Mildly sweet - phthalate free

Perfect scent for: Bathroom

Enjoy the warmth of this richly fragrant vanilla scent, with mild hints of creamy coconut & white chocolate, perfectly balanced with sensual white musk, crystalline amber and precious woods.


Pink Pepper & Jasmine - Fresh / Floral scent - phthalate free

Perfect scent for: Most rooms

This beautiful oriental fragrance opens with notes of pink pepper, orange blossom, and pear, leading into a heart of jasmine and coffee, sitting atop a patchouli, vanilla, and cedar base




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