Wax Melt Hearts made in Ireland
Wax Melts made in Ireland
The Fragrant Nest Wax melts with Wax Melt Burner
Arch Wax melt Burner with heart wax melts

Mini Heart Wax Melts


4 in stock

Melt your heart (and your worries away) with my adorable Mini Heart Wax Melts!

These cuties come in a variety of enticing scents to fill your home with beautiful fragrance.

 Made with a high-quality wax blend for a long-lasting scent throw, they're perfect for use with any wax burner, including my unique The Fragrant Nest Arch or Hexagon Wax burners

Simply pop 3-4 hearts in your wax burner and enjoy the gorgeous aroma as it fills your home.

  • Made with Soy wax
  • 14 wax melt hearts in each pack
  • 8hrs+ burn time per 4 wax melt hearts 


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