Luxury Scented candle Ireland  in Black ceramic candle holder with lid & 2 wicks made in Ireland
Black candle holder with lid. Luxury candles, handmade in Ireland
Luxury Irish candles in black concrete candle holder with lid
Luxury candles Ireland, white candle with lid
Black Amber & Lavender -Geo Candle

Black Amber & Lavender -Geo Candle


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Relax in the soothing embrace of luxury with The Fragrant Nests Black Amber & Lavender Candle.

This captivating fragrance, handcrafted in Ireland, takes you on a sensory journey. It unfolds with sparkling citrus top notes, giving way to a calming heart of rich lavender. The base settles into a warm embrace of tonka bean, vanilla, precious woods, and opulent amber, creating a truly serene atmosphere.

More than just a candle, it's a statement piece. Our double wicks ensure an even burn, filling your home with the beautiful scent. Even unlit, the elegant lid keeps your candle looking stunning.

Here's what makes our Black Amber & Lavender Candle truly special:

    • Handcrafted in Ireland: Support local artisans and own a piece of Irish heritage.
    • Eco-friendly & Sustainable: Made with high quality wax, recyclable packaging, and Jesmonite candle holders.
    • Long-lasting Fragrance: Enjoy up to 30 hours of burn time, filling your home with luxurious scent.
    • Reusable Container: Repurpose the container as a plant pot, pencil holder, or unleash your creativity!
    • Unique & Imperfect: Embrace the beauty of handmade with charming imperfections that add character.

Available in four neutral colors to complement your home decor.

Order your Black Amber & Lavender Candle today and experience the serenity of luxury.


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