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Geo Candle refill - Eucalyptus & Chamomile


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Eucalyptus & Chamomile Candle refill

Experience the soothing embrace of Eucalyptus & Chamomile scent where the refreshing notes of Lemon & orange intertwine with invigorating eucalyptus & camphor. Delicate hints of clove & lavender add a subtle spice, while the warmth of vanilla, musk & tonka bean create a comforting aura transporting you to a tranquil oasis of relaxation & balance

This autumn scented candle refill  is specifically tailored to the Geo candle holder. Made from sustainable materials, it is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to extend the life of your Geo candle holder. Its special design ensures a perfect fit, providing a reliable candle burning experience.

Our candles are rigorously tested to ensure optimal ratios of wax, oil and wick type to achieve an even burn, divine scent throw and minimum carbon output.

Geo candle refill dimensions - 75mm(D) x 50mm(H)

Approx burn time: Up to 30hrs

Handpoured in small batches in Ireland.

* These refills are for the Geo & Oval candle holder only*

*candle holders not included*

 How to use your refills:

  • These refills are suitable for The Fragrant Nest containers only.
  • Always extinguish your candle when there is approx. 5mm of wax remaining,
  • To remove the remaining wax soak your container in some hot water. Leave for afew minutes until wax softens.
  • Using a non-sharp object, agitate the wax and metal sustainers from the container.
  • Clean and wipe dry (TheFragrant Nest containers are not suitable for dishwashers)
  • Remove new candle wax refill from all packaging and peel tape cover from the bottom of the wick tabs
  • Insert refill in to the suitable The Fragrant Nest container.
  • Press firmly to ensure the wicks tabs stick to the container.
  • Trim the wicks to approx 5mm before every burn
  • Light wick and burn candle until the melt pool reaches the edge of jar. This ensures an even burn for the lifetime of your candle and prevents a cavity forming around the wick.
  • Any gaps around the refill will fill as the wax burns.



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