In 2019 the scented candle industry was worth 3.4billion euros and is set to rise to 6.5billion euros by 2027. That’s a lot of candles! It is extremely likely that most of those candle holders will end up in landfill. With the ever-increasing demand for helping the environment & sustainability, helping people with ideas on how to repurpose their candle holders is of huge importance to me.

One of the main reasons I started making my ceramic candle holders was to reduce the need for more glass. The unique design of my candles might prevent people from wanting to throw them out after the wax has melted.


How to remove candle wax from your candle holder

  1. Pour boiling water into your candle holder.
  2. Leave for approx. 10 – 15mins depending on how much wax is remaining
  3. Using a butter knife or spoon, scrape any wax around the holder.
  4. Remove the wick metal sustainer/s.  
  5. Do not throw the wax down the drain, as this may, result in clogging your pipes. Throw any wax remnants into the waste bin.
  6. Wipe the inside of the container with kitchen paper until the waxy residue has been removed.
  7. If you intend to use a candle wax refill in your holder, ensure all wax residue has been removed by using an alcohol wipe.

If there is an excess build-up of wax in the holder, you may need to leave the boiling water to sit for longer

  • The wax will melt and rise to the top.
  • Using a knife or spoon, scoop out the hardened wax. 
  • Repeat steps 1-6 above until the candle holder is clean.

How to reuse leftover candle wax.

If you have scooped out a significant amount of wax from the candle holder, then reuse it in a wax Melter so you can continue enjoying the scent for longer


Ideas on how to Recycle your candle containers

Candle holder reused as a faux flower pot

Candle Refills 

Today, candle refills are becoming increasingly popular with Candle companies, not only because they are eco-friendly, but also because they are a cost-effective way to enjoy your favourite candle brand scents over & over again.

Here at The Fragrant Nest, I offer Candle refills for both my ceramic candle holders & the larger oval candle holder. Check out my refills here.


If your favourite candle brand doesn’t offer refills, no problem, there are plenty of ways to continue enjoying the container after the wax has melted.


Indoor plant pot/ flowerpot/ herb garden

Candle holders can make a beautiful Indoor plant pot or flowerpot. Fill the container with soil and pop your favourite mini succulent into it.

If you have a few matching empty candle containers, how gorgeous would an indoor mini herb garden look lined-up along your kitchen windowsill?

Create a flower centrepiece. Cut the flower stems down to a size that they will stand properly inside the candle holder. If you are finding it difficult to get the flowers to stay in place, then crisscross some clear tape across the top of the candle holder to act as a support for the flowers

Did you know our oval candle holder is an indoor plant pot? Check them out here. 

Candle holder being reused as an Indoor succulent Planter

 Tea light holder

Just pop your favourite tealight into your repurposed candle holder and get the lovely comforting flicker of light in your room. Here at The Fragrant Nest, we have scented maxi tealights that have a 10-hour burn time & will look beautiful in any candle holder.

Some more useful uses for your repurposed candle jars

Jewellery/Trinket holder – Keep all your jewellery or accessories safe in one place on your dressing table or nightstand

Bathroom accessories holder – use as a pretty holder for your cotton bud sticks, cotton balls, makeup pads

Bath salts holder – Pop your bath salts in the holder so you can keep them within easy reach & still look pretty

Office Desk Tidy – Why use a standard plastic stationary holder when you can display your pens/pencils neatly on your desk in a repurposed candle holder? Especially if you have a holder in a unique design

Kitty money box – Pop your candle holder in a convenient area and throw any loose change into it. It’s Amazing how each penny becomes a Euro over time. Use it for necessities or, better still, use it to treat yourself to something nice. Like another new candle from The Fragrant Nest 😊 I’m sure once that holder is full there will be enough. Check them out here 😉


So next time you get to the end of that candle with a little imagination, that candle holder can live another life & you’ll be doing your little piece in helping our little planet be just that little bit cleaner.







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